Why Tampons are AWESOME!

When you are out with a group camping or away for a while you should always carry some average size tampons with you. When you are with a mixed group it is inevitable that one of the ladies could very well start her monthly cycle earlier than expected or that she may run out all together. As a result you can be a hero and come to the rescue.

There is another use as well though…

First lets take a look at what they are. Tampons are a dense fibrous cottony material that can be pulled apart into a fluffy ball many times its original size. It also comes in a water tight individual package, which means it stays dry when the rest of your gear is wet… anyone see where this is going???

Take the tampon out of the package and pull it apart to make a big fluffy ball out of it and you have DRY TINDER!!



Field Guide Sweetness

One of the better books out there to keep in your backpack is:   

Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine.

It is in it’s third edition and published by Mosby Elsevier. It is a portable version based off of Dr. Paul Auerbach’s “Wilderness Medicine”.

Topics range from basic CPR to Knots to Mushroom Toxicity..  It’s a must have if you are going to be out and about for an extended time or if you are going to be a good ways from definitive care.

ISBN 978-1-4160-4698-1

887 pages of awesome


Seeing how there wasn’t an EMS blog that dealt with the wilderness or remote areas, I thought I would start one up. Some of the other topics I plan to cover are aspects of Search and Rescue (SAR), Tracking, Books, Equipment and hopefully interviews, etc…

So I’m glad you stopped by to check it out and hope you visit again.